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Cutting Calories Can Prolong Your Life: Study

A recent study shows that reduced calorie intake is linked to prolonging life



    Cutting Calories Can Prolong Your Life: Study
    Harsh procedures such as Botox and plastic surgery dont appear to be the answer to long lasting youth.

    So what's the secret to slowing aging and living longer? Here’s a clue -- pills, creams and injections aren't the answer.

    But the body-conscious residents of LA may already have a head start on what scientists say is the latest "fountain of youth" -- their lifestyle.

    According to a recent study from the Institute of Healthy Aging at University College London, one of the keys to prolonging life is reduced calorie intake. Not a problem considering how many diet fiends walk the streets of LA. 

    Scientists genetically manipulated mice and primates to block production of a protein that controls the body's response to food intake without actually decreasing consumption. This might make the not so scientifically-savvy wonder, could science be on the way to creating a diet pill that requires no diet at all?

    Blocking this protein also helped to prevent a number of age-related conditions in female mice, suggesting that aging and age-related diseases can be treated. In fact, their lifespan was increased by 20 percent.

    Good news for Cougars everywhere.

    "The mice lived longer and were leaner, more active and generally healthier than the control group. We added 'life to their years' as well as 'years to their lives.'" said the study's lead author, Professor Dominic Withers.

    There are currently a number of drug studies in progress testing various treatments for aging as well as diseases that often come with age such as diabetes and certain cancers. One drug company Sirtris Pharmaceuticals is using resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant found in red wine and has found that it has similar health benefits to reducing calorie intake.

    Looks like the crash dieters of Los Angeles just might have the last laugh.