Sexiest Vegetarian Alive (Over 50)

Ramona's Mimi Kirk was one of 10 finalists in PETA contest

The animal activist organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has crowned a Ramona, Calif., woman as the sexiest woman vegetarian over 50.

Seventy-year-old Mimi Kirk has laid off the meat since she was 30.

"To be 70 and still [wearing] a little jean miniskirt ... you bet I feel sexy'," she said on PETA's Web site.

Kirk found out Monday she had won the title and an Organic Shining Star gift basket from Vegan Divine, an $80 value.

"Thanks to all who voted for me," Kirk responded after learning about her victory. “I’m really happy that I won. Especially being the oldest one in the contest. Congratulations to all the finalists. It was an honor to be in this contest with you. Any vegetarian is a friend of mine. Together we can make a difference for the humane treatment of animals."

With four children and seven grandchildren, Kirk was old enough to be the mother of five of the other 10 finalists.

"I got an e-mail saying I was one of the Top 10," Kirk told the Ramona Sentinel earlier this month. "Now I started thinking, 'If I could win this at 70 -- wouldn't that be a hoot and a half? I don't even know what winning really entails, but I would be able to share my lifestyle and what I believe in with so many people."

Kirk sold her board-game company (she invented Cowgirls Ride the Trail of Truth; it's available at last year and has been retired since then.

"I think I wear him out sometimes," said Kirk about her boyfriend Mike Mendell, who is 19 years younger than her. 

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