Living Green Goes Chic

It can be easy being green! Local designers and friends Adriana Herrera and Nichole MacDonald are making style and sustainability go hand in hand with their recently launched eco-friendly handbag line, "Her Niche".

They have a women's line, Bagonia and even a men's line, Birch (go ahead, you can call it a murse). The bags are made from cruelty free leathers, reclaimed materials (like the sails from San Diego boats) and organic cotton. All the bags have different elements to them also. The handbags have a "secret" hidden compartment for reusable shopping bags.

"'Her Niche' is a socially responsible and eco-friendly product development company," said Herrera. "We are creating products that marry together green fashion with green function, and give consumers tools to live stylish, organized and eco-friendly lives."

The bags have become such a hit that "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" is giving away the bags to celebrity guests on Earth Day. 

Get involved and check out their blog.  Get eco-tivities and tips on their website and help become part of the solution and go green every day! Here is a sampling:

  • If we use reusable shopping bag we can save six plastic bags a week, 24 bags a month, 288 bags a year -- and about 22,000 bags in a lifetime.
  • Put a two liter bottle of water (sealed) in your toilet tank and save two gallons of water per flush.
  • Use pitchers to make juice and iced tea instead of buying beverages in cartons.

Follow these tips and do as "Her Niche" does: Live light, live green and live happy.

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