Cars Gone Loko?

Getty Images

Some good may come of the beverages that have allegedly lead to alcohol poisoning, car accidents and assaults, mainly affecting college-age and underage drinkers.

Since its November ban in five different states, the caffeinated acloholic beverage, Four Loko, is being used for other purposes now; like fueling your car, according to the Associated Press.

A Virginia company is reportedly taking in truckloads of alcohol-laced energy drinks, including Four Loko, and recycling it into pure ethanol to be blended into gasoline. 

In November, the Food and Drud Administration and the Federal Trade Commission told manufacturers the beverages were dangerous and caused users to become "wide-awake drunk" and have pushed to get them off store shelves.  Currently, the drinks are illegal in Washington, Utah, Oklahoma, Michigan and, New York.

Since the ban, wholesalers have sent the drink from their warehouses to waste management companies for handling.

Now,  the Virginia-based compnay, MXI Environmental Services, is distilling the alcohol from the drinks and then selling the fuel to be blended into gasoline. They are also recycling the can, the water in the drink, the cardboard packaging and shipping pallets.

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