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E-Cycle Your TV Set



    E-Cycle Your TV Set

    In February 2008, all TV stations in the U.S. will be turning off their analog signal and begin broadcasting in digital. But you better not throw away your old TV -- it could hurt the environment.

    Right now old TVs are working fine, even if they're getting signals from old-fashion antennas. But once stations shut down their analog signals, sets will need to be hooked up to cable or satellite, be built for digital or use a converter box.
    "A lot of people are going to think that they have to run out and buy new television sets and unfortunately they're going to try and dispose the old electronics that they have -- the old television sets," said Jon Myers of Integrated Waste Management.

    In California, it is illegal to throw a television set into the trash. But you may not have to. Check to see if the old one can be reused or donated.

    The Goodwill has seen a steady stream of sets being donated. For the past two years, Goodwill has taken them in, free of charge, at any location.