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Displaced Del Mar Bats Find New Home

Construction on the bridge has uprooted bats living in crevices.



    Displaced Del Mar Bats Find New Home

    The famed Torrey Pines Bridge, which was built some 90 years ago is being retrofitted for earthquake safety and that's been a real problem for a bunch of bats that live in crevices underneath the bridge.  

    The City of Del Mar has begun the process of removing the bats.

    Because the bats serve an important role in the enivronment, it's up to the city to provide them with an alternative home. So workers have created two specially-made boxes for the bats.  

    Last month, the city started a two and a half year project to strengthen the bridge, which was built in the 1920's.  

    Cal Trans says the bridge is safe for everyday use, but would not withstand a major earthquake.

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