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Prop D-feated
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Wednesday, Nov 3, 2010
Voters to City Hall: We don't need a new tax in this economy.
Updated Nov 23, 09:15 AM PST
100 % Precincts Reporting
Barbara Boxer (D) 52% 4,377,730
Carly Fiorina (R) 42% 3,554,066
Gail Lightfoot (L) 2% 145,440
Marsha Feinland (P) 1% 109,939
Edward Noonan (A) 1% 105,685
Duane Roberts (G) 1% 104,544
Politics Are Over, Governing Begins: Boxer
Nov 3, 05:42 AM PDT
Greg Bledsoe reports from Barbara Boxer's celebration Tuesday night.
The Results: Californians Won't Embrace Change


Mar 23, 01:27 PM PDT
California -- a place famous for the new -- is leaning on the old and the familiar.

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Nov 3, 05:02 AM PDT
Nov 2, 09:28 PM PDT
Carly Fiorina told supporters she would watch the numbers to the end. Steven Luke reports from Irvine...
Oct 31, 08:48 AM PDT
Fiorina kicked off her weekend campaigning in San Diego.


Feb 10, 07:39 AM PST
Politicians shouldn't be believed when it comes to describing their health. One of my first...
Oct 26, 09:54 AM PDT
He's in town for a rally at USC and an interview for Spanish-language radio.


Mar 23, 01:27 PM PDT