Some Gyms Ignore Public Health Orders While Others Comply

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It's been two weeks since more restrictive measures took hold in San Diego County, but there are businesses that are openly defying the public health order to close again.

For their part, county officials said they're working with businesses to help them fall in line with the rules, but it's unclear if that's working.

Just as restaurants and some salons have found a workaround -- heading outdoors -- to keep their businesses running, gyms are transitioning to outside exercise.

At the Movement Factory, in PB, owner Mike Hamanaka was able to comply with the health order by moving his equipment and workouts to a backyard area. Hamasaka knows, though, that gyms around the county are defying the order.

it's been two weeks since more restrictive measures started to take hold in San Diego County -- and there are businesses that are openly defying the public health order to close again, reports NBC 7's Jackie Crea.

"That's what I’m not willing to risk, and so we upgraded our mask enforcement for the trainers," Hamasaka said. "We increase the amount of sanitation we do to a minute-by-minute basis."

It was a different story inside The Gym, in Pacific Beach, however, where people could be seen working out through the front window, despite the order, which requires indoor gyms to close.

The rules didn't stop Stellan Christensen from getting in his workout.

 "What gives the government the right to tell people to stay at home when a private company wants to let people lift their weights," Christensen asked.

The Gym, which declined an interview with NBC 7, is not the only place breaking the rules by not closing down. Businesses all over the county have been spotted doing the same. Christensen told NBC7 that he wasn’t worried.

“People are still keeping their distance a few feet away, at least," Christensen said. "I’m not wearing my mask, but I’m not close to people. You know, I think people are doing the right thing and being cautious."

Both Christensen and Hamasaka mentioned that they thought a lack of enforcement pushing businesses to comply is adding to the problem.

“Unless they get that order that said he we have to write you a ticket, they’re not gonna do it,” Hamasaka said.

A county representative told NBC7 that local police departments issue compliance orders to businesses that refuse to close.

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