‘Smart' Thermometers Connect San Diego Unified Elementary-Schoolers

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San Diego Unified is giving out free "smart" thermometers to families and staff at its elementary schools.

The thermometers are being handed out at grab 'n' go distribution sites every Monday, district officials said, adding that this was the first week of the program.

School administrators believe the thermometers will give them the data they need to make early decisions to keep their schools healthy and safe.

"I always encourage our families to get the students involved -- have them log their temperatures, daily, that way that’s a math activity," said San Diego Board of Education member Sharon Whitehurst-Payne. "And they can determine whether or not they’re going up or down and compare the family’s, etc."

The Kinsa smart thermometers can be connected to the app via Bluetooth, according to the manufacturer, and record a temperature in eight seconds. The thermometers retail for $27.99 each.

All schools will have a private group on an app that parents and staff can join. In these groups, staff and family members can see anonymous, combined information on what symptoms and illnesses that may be going around a particular school.

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