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Sailors Test Positive for COVID at SEAL Training Base

Two training cohorts were put on hold in April because of the coronavirus

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The Navy Special Warfare Training Center is taking steps to contain cases of COVID-19 on base.

The Navy would not give specific numbers on cases, citing operational security, but said the number was small, a military representative told NBC 7.

"The individuals have been isolated on base and restricted in movement in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines," MCC Stacy Laseter said in a statement.

The Navy said contact tracing and mitigation measures were implemented immediately, and that training has continued unimpeded.

Laseter told NBC 7 the Naval Special Warfare Training Center is handling each positive test on a case-by-case basis, “working closely with our medical team and the sailors to ensure their health and well-being moving forward. We have yet to attrite a student for COVID-19.” 

A student who is attrited would lose their place in the training.

Back in April, two training groups, or cohorts, were put on hold because of COVID-19. At that time, the Navy told NBC 7 that no sailors who were training to become SEALs had tested positive for the coronavirus

Capt. Bart Randall, the Naval Special Warfare Training Center's commodore, told NBC 7 at that time about the resumption of the training of some of the most elite fighters in the U.S. military in the age of COVID-19.

“This is what we do: We spend our entire career balancing risk versus mission,” Randall said.

When training resumed in May, sailors reporting to Coronado were kept in small groups, in a "bubble," to reduce their contact with others, and they were monitored closely by a medical team. And, of course, all new recruits were tested for the coronavirus.

As training continues on the Coronado base, Laseter told NBC 7: "The health and safety of the Naval Special Warfare Force, families and the communities in which we serve remains our top priority."

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