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Petco Park Super Station Focuses on Second Shots, for Now

The Petco Park vaccine super station was location closed for several days due to weather delays in other parts of the country

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“I’m hoping to get my second dose of the vaccine.”

You could almost see Judy Stout smiling behind her mask as she stood patiently in line outside the Petco Park Vaccination super station Tuesday.

“I came in a car last time,” Stout said as she pointed to the confluence of lines of cars and trucks at the entrance to the station.

“I’m a goer, you know?" Stout said. "I have to go. I can’t just sit in a car.”

Stout was happy the site was open after it being closed over the weekend and Monday. A much-needed supply of several thousand doses never arrived in San Diego County because of the wicked winter storms in the middle of the country.

“I wasn’t sure that it would reopen. but it did and we’re happy,” the San Diegan said.

A county spokesman said the delay forced San Diego and its partner UC San Diego to shut down the site for several days.

“I was concerned that I wouldn’t know how to reschedule, but, apparently, they do contact you to reschedule, which is a good thing,” Stout said.

The spokesman said the county was concerned the super station would be closed again Tuesday, but officials were able to shift vaccination supply and allow UC San Diego to reopen the site.

“I’m feeling immensely grateful,” Stout said.

She was grateful to get her second dose.

The county spokesman said the county and its medical partners are focusing their immediate attention on getting people their follow-up shots. Medical professionals recommend people get their two COVID-19 vaccination doses within 42 days of each other. Second doses are typically scheduled within three weeks of the first shot so that patients have a buffer of three additional weeks to reschedule appointments, if needed.

The county of San Diego said it will start making appointments for first-time vaccinations as soon as possible.

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