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Family Asks for Support for San Diego Grandmother Battling COVID in the ICU

Susie Becerra, 60, was hospitalized Jan. 31

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Despite coronavirus cases trending downward, there are still many families gravely impacted by the virus.

“It’s still a percent -- you know, it’s still somebody’s family member,” Cindy Leon said.

As of Thursday, San Diego County sits on a 4% coronavirus positivity rate. Leon's mother, 60-year-old Susie Becerra, is among those battling COVID-19.

“You get some positive news, and you just don’t want to take it, because it’s like a roller-coaster,” said Leon. “It can be great one day, and the next day, it just goes back to not.”

Becerra is described as a helper, a friend and someone who will always be by your side. Leon said her mom has been through it all.

“She’s been through a lot of hardships, a lot of jobs, a lot of heartbreak,” Leon said. “But she’s always there, no matter what.”

Becerra is normally a caretaker for her son, who has multiple sclerosis, and her 4-year-old granddaughter. Leon said she does not know how Becerra came down with COVID-19, but both Becerra and her son tested positive.

“We were scared we were going to have two in the hospital, but, thankfully, my brother showed no symptoms,” Leon said.

While Leon’s brother was able to recover at home, their mom began to have a hard time breathing. On Jan. 31, Becerra was admitted to the hospital.

“She was on an oxygen mask for a couple of days, then after, she was put out on a ventilator and has been on it since,” Leon said.

Leon said it's been difficult for her because she can't physically be at her mother's bedside supporting her.

“Like, you literally talk to your family member through a tablet, and they can’t talk back to you because they have a tube down their throat,” Leon said through tears.

For now, the family is trying to remain positive as Becerra battles COVID-19 alone in a hospital bed. This as the family urges others to not let their guard down when it comes to protecting yourself from the coronavirus.

“Having that image of my mom with the tube and she can’t talk back to me is the worst image I’ll ever have of her, and if you can avoid that, like, why wouldn’t you?” Leon said.

On top of emotional distress, the family is also suffering financially as Leon is now caring for her brother full-time. A friend of the family's has created a fundraiser for those who want to help.

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