Eastlake COVID Survivor Reflects on Recovery, Celebrating Holidays at Home Due to Omicron

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While parties are always a big part of Christmas celebrations, it’s important that people feel comfortable gathering and, in the light of the omicron variant, some are opting for intimate holiday and end-of-the-year gatherings in 2021.

“It's been a tough journey since I contracted COVID-19,” Jorge Villanueva said. “That was in March 28 of last year, and I was 38 days in coma and another 90 days recovering.”

Villanueva will be reflecting this year on his tremendous recovery.

“My poor wife and my daughter," Villanueva said. "I couldn't imagine the pain and the uncertainty if I was going to come home or if they were gonna see me again.”

The Eastlake father shared details about his lengthy battle against the coronavirus with NBC 7.

“When I woke up and opened my eyes and everything, and I couldn't breathe, I felt like a small fish in a pond,” Villanueva said. “It's something that you really don't wish anybody to suffer.”

Villanueva said his recovery continues as the world continues to fight new variants, something that led to him pting for an intimate Christmas Eve party with just his immediate family.

“It's gonna be only my wife, my daughter, brother-in-law that lives here,” Villanueva said. “It's a special night. We will be Zooming, of course, with family members in Mexico and here, but we think it's the best way, you know, because traveling right now, it's very difficult, very risky.”

Villanueva said. had he gotten his hands on COVID-19 rapid tests, he would have possibly opted to have a little bit larger of a gathering, but, noting how hard these tests are to get a hold of, he said he’s pleased with his family’s decision.

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