Booster COVID Shots Welcomed By Many

People in Balboa Park told NBC 7 that they're ready to get a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

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The chance to get a COVID booster shot is a relief to some of those already fully vaccinated.

San Diego County leaders and health experts are working out the details of where and when to distribute the third shots of vaccine. The booster will be available to people over the age of 18 eight months after they received their second dose of Moderna or Pfizer. The plan is to begin the distribution of booster shots on Sept. 20.

NBC 7 spoke to people in Balboa Park Wednesday about the booster, and it appears there will be a lot of people signing up.      

“I got the vaccine as soon as I could, my elderly mother got it also, and I think if this is what we need to do to protect those of us who chose to be vaccinated. we would both go for the booster,” said Leslie Gaertner of New Jersey.

Gaertner's vaccinated sister, though, said she would wait for more information before getting the third dose.

“I’d rather just get the booster and not get COVID, because I just don’t want to end up in the hospital,” health care worker Nicki Panetta said.

“I’m surprised that we will need the booster, because everyone was pretty confident, but I’ll take it anyway," said Panetta’s friend who is also from New Jersey. "Anything that gets us back to normal."

“Yeah, so I still have a lot of faith in science,“ he added with a slight laugh,

Many park-goers said that if more people get vaccinated, “the better off the rest of us will be." Many had the rising cases and the delta variant on their minds.

“It's been good to be out again with the vaccines that were rolled out,” said Ruhail Moffat from Chicago. "But with the cases rising, I definitely will look into getting the booster."

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