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‘As Far As Chaos Goes, It's About a 9': The Distance-Learning Scramble

The part-owner of Hob Nob Hill, a restaurant in Bankers Hill, brings his son to work to help him with distance learning

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It's the first week back to learning for many students, and most are doing it from home. For some families, it's one big scramble.

“Today, as far as chaos goes, it’s about a 9,” said Justin Earley who is in commercial real estate and is a part-owner of the Hob Nob Hill Restaurant in Bankers Hill. He's also helping his 9-year-old son, Jaxx, with distance learning. Jaxx’ mother is the owner of two gyms. The couple is balancing their full-time jobs with helping their son learn online.

Earley and his son started the morning at home with an 8:40 Zoom call with Jaxx’ teacher; after recess, Earley said there was a problem with Jaxx’ iPad, so Jaxx used his dad's laptop; then Earley had to take his son with him to a business meeting, where Jaxx continued his distance learning. The two then drove to the Hob Nob, where, after lunch, Jaxx began his 1 o'clock Zoom class with his teacher.

We don't have a choice

Justin Earley, working parent

 “With restaurants and gyms getting shut down and then opening, you’re in a constant scramble of trying to get back and forth, get the kids home-schooled, so Jaxx is going to be dragged around between restaurants, offices and gyms until schools open back up," Earley said. "We don’t’ have a choice.”

Earley said he knows he's fortunate to be self-employed and can't imagine how people with 9-5 jobs manage.

“Trying to stay positive," Earley said. "I think if everything bad happens in one day, we’ll be good.”

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