Coronavirus Twist: Virus Bringing Some Communities Together

Many neighbors getting to know each other, while socially distanced

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As thousands of people are forced to stay isolated inside their homes because of the coronavirus, many San Diego County residents are getting to know their neighbors much better – socially distanced of course.

“Now I’m seeing people out in front of their yards, we’re all saying hi, a wave and a smile, just of support trying to keep everybody’s spirits high,” said Ricky Bulda of Rancho Penasquitos.

In Rancho Penasquitos, as more residents get outside for brief walks, neighbors say a smile and a wave works wonders.

“We’re all struggling, we’re just doing our best at making it a good world, a kinder world, being there for our neighbors, our friends and family,” said Shannon Knoll.

Other residents have made note of how families are out walking and spending more time together as a family unit.

“It’s great, it’s wonderful, and wonderful thing seeing families, actually spending time together. We see a lot of kids on bikes or scooters and just see them smiling, and that just makes me happy,” said Sherry Lim.

But others, while appreciating the newfound spirit of community are mindful of the risks. Geoffrey Schiering is imploring residents to wear masks or face protection at all times.

“I love my neighbors, I love all of you and I just want you to have the correct information and just wear a mask when you go outside,” said Schiering

“It’s nice to see new people and nice to see how friendly everybody is, everybody says hi, we’re trying to stay six feet away, and our neighborhood, the neighbors are talking to each other, but standing six feet away from each other,” said Bunny Rein.

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