Tranquilizer Needed to Stop Rogue Pig in California Town

Piglet Snout
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Authorities in a California city had to use a tranquilizer dart to subdue a large pig that was menacing residents. 

The Press-Enterprise reported Saturday that authorities in Corona called in a Riverside County Animal Services officer to tranquilize the 100-pound pig Friday. 

Authorities say the pig was charging at people in a residential neighborhood of the city 48 miles east of Los Angeles. 

Corona police and animal control personnel called for county assistance around 8:30 p.m. 

Authorities were able to corral the pig in a backyard, where it was shot with the tranquilizer. 

Officials could not immediately say whether the animal was a loose pet or a wild boar. 

Authorities used a horse trailer to transport the pig to a shelter for feeding and care. 

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