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Noted GOP Crusader to Attend Burning Man

Grover Norquist is finally going to attend his first Burn.



    Noted GOP Crusader to Attend Burning Man
    Josh Keppel
    You could see low-tax advocate Grover Norquist here -- why not?

    Grover Norquist is going to Burning Man.

    The anti-tax, pro-Republican activist was invited, after all.

    Aficionados of the annual free-for-all in the desert were agog this week after hearing the news that Norquist, a hero on the right and a demon to many on the left for his staunch stance against income taxes and the social programs they fund, would be attending Burning Man next month.

    He actually had planned to attend in 2012, on Larry Harvey's invitation, but found -- to his chagrin -- that the Republican National Convention was the same day.

    Norquist told reporters that he'd "go with the flow" upon arrival in Black Rock City. What that means exactly is unclear -- will he flog low taxes in geodesic domes, inform fairy-winged day-trippers of the meaning of job creation? 

    Maybe he just wants to get away from it all.