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Facebook 2013 Check-Ins: Three SoCal Spots Make Top 10

Can you guess the number one spot in all the land?



    Facebook 2013 Check-Ins: Three SoCal Spots Make Top 10
    Did you check in on Facebook during the past year? Three SoCal spots made the U.S. top ten.

    It's a curiously modern bit of nosy-business friend behavior. Picture two pals meeting after an absence and the typical ensuing conversation... Pal A: "How was your visit to XYZ theme park?" Pal B: "How'd you know?" Pal A: "Duh, you checked in."

    The Facebook check-in is now a legit and oh-so-common icebreaker with that one acquaintance you haven't seen. If you told everyone you know that you were at SeaWorld, everyone you know has something to ask you about the next time you get together.

    Which all leads to this provocative question: What check-ins are people discussing most? Meaning what places are checked into the most, via Facebook?

    The social media giant has the date, of course, and, surprise surprise: Three Southern California locations made the top ten Most Checked-In Places on Facebook for 2013.

    "Surprise surprise," of course, was typed with an obviously dramatic wink.

    Have a guess as to where people go the most 'round these parts, or at least want their friends to know about? Take a swing at #4: It's Dodger Stadium. Number #7 is Universal Studios Hollywood.

    And the number one spot in all the land? It's in Anaheim, near Katella Avenue and Harbor Boulevard, and there's a rather large castle in the middle. Think hard. We'll give you a second.

    Yep, it's true: Everyone but everyone wants everyone in their Facebook sphere to know when they're visiting Disneyland.

    Other U.S. places on the top ten include Times Square in NYC -- that took the second spot -- and AT&T Park in San Francisco. In fact, baseball stadiums dominated, occupying four of the ten slots on the roster.

    What isn't listed is the least checked-in place in all the land, or those locations that didn't receive a single social media shout-out. Here's wishing them an onward-and-upward 2014.