Top 10 Tools for Soccer Moms and Weekend Warriors

Whether you’re a soccer mom or a dad who enjoys playing pick-up basketball games at the YMCA, there are a variety of online tools that can help you and your team. Here are the top 10 services for soccer moms and weekend warriors that allow you to manage your team’s schedule, notify players of news, upload and share player photos and statistics, and much more.

Many of these services are free, but there are a few high-quality services that require a monthly or one-time fee for a season. Each provides trial periods so you can test them out to see which works for you and your team.

10. TeamTexting only does one thing, but it does it extremely well. It’s totally free and lets you create a new email address that everyone on the team can use to share news and information instantly via text messaging or email. The format is If you just need a way to keep everyone in the loop and don’t want to bother with getting everyone’s email address and creating a distribution list, then this is the answer.

9. RosterBot does slightly more than TeamTexting when it comes to communicating with your team. It uses email to poll each player and notifies you of the results.

8. Pinger isn’t geared specifically towards sports enthusiasts, but its group voice messaging feature makes it ideal for team captains to communicate with each member instantly. Pinger is free at this time and works on most mobile devices, but especially well with Blackberries thanks to a handy little application that plays back voice messages.

7. MyEZTeams basically does the same thing as RosterBot but adds message boards and Google Calendar integration.

6. InfiniteHoops is a cool way to form or join pick-up basketball games in a hurry. If you want to organize a game you just enter the location and day and time and others can sign up to play. Conversely, if you’re a player, then just search for any games in your neck of the woods and join.

5. TennisPoint covers tennis for USTA, ALTA and FLEX leagues. Track statistics for teams and individual players. Manage schedules for practices and matches. Includes map mashup for directions to match locations.

4. TeamPages is another full-feature team site with a free basic package and a couple of premium packages that remove ads and add more features.

3. RedZoneLeagues offers an impressive amount of features and it’s totally free. All of the standard features are available, including a calendar of games, player stats, photos and more.

2. eTeamz is a professional looking service that covers just about everything teams and even league organizers will ever need. They offer a free basic service that is extremely limited but it’ll be good enough to get your feet wet if you just want to test it out. You can even add video highlights of games in addition to player photos and statistics.

…and the number one tool for soccer moms and weekend warriors?

1.TeamSnap is similar to eTeams in regards to all of the incredible features it offers but it edges them out simply because it’s currently free. Now, it won’t remain free for very long, but for the time being it’s offering all of the commercial grade options and features for free.

Final Score

As a dad that constantly attends youth sporting activities, these tools would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, none of the leagues that I’ve ever belonged to have ever utilized anything resembling modern technology. The only thing any of my children’s coaches have ever used is email. No one’s ever even used an online calendar like Google Calendar to share game schedules or even snack schedules. As the cost of these services become more reasonable we can expect to see them more often in time.

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