Top 10 Hottest Career Options for Grads

There’s no doubt about it, the current economic climate is not exactly graduate friendly, but according to researchers at UCSD, there is hope – you just need the right skills and be willing to try something new.

“Our study uncovered high demand careers in education, law and healthcare,” said Henry DeVries, a marketing professor at the La Jolla-based school. “There are hot opportunities for new and recent college grads to bridge to if they are willing to learn some new tricks,” DeVries said.

UC San Diego Extension lists the top 10 new trends as follows:

  1. Casual game development
  2. Clinical trials design and management for oncology
  3. Data mining, to help businesses "search for clues to increase revenues and decrease expenses"
  4. Embedded engineering, which "may provide new career options for software developers willing to learn some new tricks"
  5. Geriatric healthcare
  6. Occupational health and safety
  7. Specialized Spanish/English translation
  8. Sustainable business practices and the greening of all jobs
  9. Teaching adult learners
  10. Teaching English as a foreign language

The list was developed by the University’s continuing education academic directors, based on enrollment trends, an analysis of national employment statistics and discussions with some of UC San Diego Extension’s more than 750 business, community and professional association curriculum advisors.

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