Toolgether to Launch Marketplace for Stand Alone Apps

We’ve seen the success of platforms such as Facebook and Open Social for the promotion and spreading of applications designed to fit in with particular networks, as such applications are able to reach a wide audience and become monetized either through direct payment from users or advertising capabilities. The benefit for the providers of the platform is, of course, the ability to offer more features to their users without creating the applications themselves.

Toolgether, a new company presenting at DEMOfall 08 today, is providing a cloud computing service for a stand-alone marketplace for Web applications for similar purposes. Those that create Web applications can make their apps available to other site and network owners through Toolgether, and site and network owners can peruse a plethora of applications to add to their services with this open, self-serve market approach.

What’s encouraging about this particular format is that it extends monetization options for Web app creators outside of the more popular platforms, which could minimize or restrict monetization options at any given time. It also streamlines the API and licensed search process to some extent, as site owners may be looking for an ideal application to fit within their own service but may not know where to start.

There are other cloud computing services like LongJump, and other services still, like Salesforce, that have already created a marketplace for Web apps. Some also provide a direct and ready market for adopting the provided Web apps, so marketing and awareness will be important for Toolgether’s own marketplace in order to provide value to both ends of its target spectrum.

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