PaidInterviews Gives Signing Bonuses for a Job Well Done

A lot of companies want to make the job search process as easy and streamlined as possible, and that includes newcomer PaidInterviews, which debuts at DEMOfall 08 today. Combining automated match-making with a monetary incentive for job seekers, PaidInterviews is hoping to spur activity in its sector of the online job search market in a more effective manner. In the words of PaidInterviews, the company “allows candidates to market themselves effectively, find their ideal job, and get paid for their efforts.”

So how does it work? Job seekers can insert their preferences in regards to the type of job they’re looking for, and PaidInterviews will do the searching and matching from there. As a Web-based platform, PaidInterviews also enables a certain level of marketing opportunities that individual users can take advantage of, presenting their resume, credentials, samples, presentations and video intros to any companies that are utilizing PaidInterviews for their purposes as well.

In this regard, PaidInterviews’ services work in the same manner for hiring companies. They too can market themselves and present an enticing work environment to job seekers. The community aspects of PaidInterviews also provide more ways in which job seekers can learn about potential companies from user-generated reviews and current and former employees.

And what about the monetary rewards? Job seekers can get paid for their use of the site if they have a successful interview and eventually land (and keep) the job. What job seekers can do is indicate the amount of money (based on the percentage of their requested salary) they’d like to receive upon being hired, and if all goes well, PaidInterviews gets the monetary benefit of having matched the right employer with the right employee, and the job seeker gets a signing bonus as a result.

This is different from the referral system, but it’s designed to encourage site activity nonetheless. In the case of job seekers referring themselves, however, I do wonder if PaidInterviews will still be able to deter them from going after jobs regardless of whether or not it’s a perfect fit. This is where PaidInterviews’ matchmaking and community features come into play, hopefully as an effective measure to minimize the amount of abuse a given user can place on the PaidInterviews system.

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