How Porsche Went From Sports Cars to SUVs … and EVs

Source: Porsche

Porsche is in the minds of many the ultimate sports car brand.

Its cars -- especially its legendary 911 -- blend high performance with quality construction and even a solid reputation for dependability.

But the brand that made its name with small nimble two-door sports cars ruffled feathers in the automotive world when it tried its hand at a four-door sport utility vehicle, the Cayenne.

Now SUVs make up a huge chunk of Porsche's sales. Fans say they are among the best-performing SUVs available, and they retain that essential Porsche DNA.

The brand is now entering the race toward electrification. Its Taycan is already selling about as well as the 911. But this time the innovator is playing catch-up to others, and also is faced with the question of how it can make an electric vehicle that still stands apart from competitors and retains the spirit of Porsche. The automaker declined a request to be interviewed for this story. 

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