42% of Daters Think Apps Like Tinder and Bumble Make It Easier to Find a Long-Term Partner

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It's rare to hear any single person talk positively about their online dating experience. Still, many adults who do use apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge find them effective.

42% of adults think dating apps make it easier to find a long-term partner, according to a new survey from Pew Research Center. Only 22% said apps make it harder. 

However, those under 30 feel slightly different. Of respondents ages 18 to 29, 35% said dating apps make finding a serious partner easier — while 33% said it makes things harder.

Here's how online daters, of all ages, feel about their experience on dating apps, according to the survey. 

43% of men said they are using the apps to date casually

Less men are using dating apps to find something serious than they are to find a more casual situation, according to the study.

A whopping 43% of men said they are using the apps to casually date while 42% said they are looking for a long-term partner. Alternatively, 48% of women said they are using dating apps to find long-term partners and only 37% are using apps to date casually.

88% of adults are disappointed by what they've seen on the dating apps

90% of women and 87% of men say they are disappointed with what they've seen on dating apps. 

More than half, 55%, of adults feel insecure from the lack of messages they receive. However, men tended to feel this way more than women. 

The opposite is true for those who felt overwhelmed by messages. A whopping 54% of women feel overwhelmed by messages on dating apps, but only 25% of men feel the same.

35% of app-users have paid to use a dating app

More than one-third of online daters have paid for an app or a feature on a dating app. Men are more likely than women to have done so.

Same goes for those older than 30 — they are more likely to pay for a dating app than their younger counterparts.

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