MixMatchMusic Introduces the Remix Wizard

MixMatchMusic launched its beta music service at DEMOfall 08 today. Before groaning about yet another music service, it must be noted that MixMatchMusic is striving to do something a little bit different than the rest. It’s not just a service for music fans, but music artists as well. Also, it actually enables musicians to collaborate on music and profit from the collaboration. They can even engage fans and interact with them online.

Get in the mix

Naturally, the heart of MixMatchMusic is its Remix Wizard which is a lightweight simplified version of its MixMaker Sequencer. It allows members to create their own remixes which can be downloaded and shared.
Other members can vote on the remixes, download them and share them as well.
The Remix Wizard is actually a widget that artists can embed on their website so their fans can remix their the artist’s own music right there.

Consumers and Contributors

The service is for fans and artists (called MixMatchArtists), who are members that contribute parts of songs, called stems, such as guitar riffs, drum and vocal tracks, works in progress, or finished songs.
The MixMaker audio sequencer is what members use to mix, match, mash up and manipulate these stems along with stems.

If You Remix It They Will Come

The MixMatchMusic marketplace allows fans to support indie music artists by downloading and purchasing their music. It also allows artists to distribute their music and engage with their fans.

Final Remix

MixMatchMusic provides a unique platform where music artists and fans can interact and share the music they love. The tools are easy to use and there’s no steep learning curve involved, which means you can start creating new remixes immediately. Even if you’re not a musician or not the creative type, you might enjoy just discovering new music that you’ve never heard before.

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