Sneak a Peek at DEMOfall 08

Next week, DEMOfall 08 hits San Diego, California for 3 days, and a total of 72 companies will, according to Chris Shipley, Mary A. C. Fallon, and the rest at DEMO setting the stage, “launch disruptive innovations.” The span of companies is as wide-reaching in design as they are in global placement. Shipley & Co are promising to showcase everything from battling spam (effectively); a game development utility for the masses, sharing and selling photographs, and lots else. And they’ve gone ahead and offered up an early look at the names slated to pitch their product or service to the crowd. And a big tease this list is. Here are some Web-centric highlights that we’ll be keeping an eye on.

Alerts, Bellevue WA - Information, delivered. News, weather, notes, etc.
Telnic, London, England - Store, update, publish contact information.
Awind, Junghe, Taiwan - Your digital home, plus WiMax.
beeTV, Milano, Italy - Personalized video., San Francisco, CA - “Your personal remote control for video on the Web.”
Invision TV, Bethesda, MD - An “Internet video guide.”
RemoTV, New Haven, CT - Stream media to any Internet-connected device.
Blue Lava, Honolulu, HI - Immerse yourself in your photography.
Kadoo, Washington, DC - Share files, etc. with specific people.
MeDeploy, Hamden, CT - Distribute media in lots of places. Quickly. Easily.
MixMatchMusic, Burlingame, CA - Connect with musicians.
Photrade, Cincinnati, OH - Sort of iStockPhoto-like. Name has received mention on Mashable.
Echonest, Somerville, MA - Music recommendation through APIs.
Paragent, Muncie, IN - Remote desktop management.
Accordia Group, New Rochelle, NY - Business relationship management.
Arsenal Interactive/HeyCosmo, Mountain View, CA - Social “unification.”
Familybuilder, New York, NY - Build a family tree within a social network. (I.e., Facebook, Bebo.)
TravelMuse, Los Altos, CA - We’ve covered this startup before. We loved.
Zazengo, Santa Cruz, CA - Social activism networking. We previously highlighted one network build on Zazengo, called MalariaEngage.
GreenSherpa, Santa Barbara, CA - Personal cash flow management.
Rudder, Inc, Houston, TX - Financial analysis in your inbox.
Momindum, Paris, France - mash documents with video presentations.
Qtask, Burbank, CA - All manner of project collaboration.
iWidgets, San Francisco, CA - Social marketing.
Semanti Corp, Alberta, Canada - Semantic Web cataloguing.
SkyData, San Mateo, CA - LinkedIn, Facebook, Outook, Google, Salesforce, SugarCRM, NetSuite in one.
WebDiet, Henderson, NV - Eat healthy, be healthy, wherever you are.
CrowdSpring, Chicago, IL - Crowdsource ideas. We covered these guys back in March.
Sim Ops, San Francisco, CA - easily build your own games.

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