Living Life “Post Grad”

You have the cap, the gown and that coveted (and expensive) new diploma in your hands. The world is at your fingertips...but then, reality check! In today's economy it seems like it's harder then ever to find a job -- even for those educated, yet inexperienced college graduates.

A new movie hits theaters this week and depicts today's tough job market, all too realistically. The movie, "Post Grad," portrays one driven grad and her "rapid descent from college superstar to post-grad washout."

The screening audience related closely to the characters and many felt the movie was about them or their loved ones.

"One of my brother's best friends," said USD student Katie Ball.  "They all just graduated last year and he went back home and still lives with his family and is still currently trying to find a job."

Experts predict that the jobless trend will continue to grow, and when the economy does rebound, companies will still play it safe, meaning twenty-somethings will have to get creative when it comes to finding that perfect job. Many are taking part-time jobs, going to grad school or finding internships to help get their foot in the door.

"I'm looking for one in the spring so NBC, you got one?" laughs CSU Fullerton student Jackie Rodriguez.

The fact remains that finding a job in this tumultuous economy is not an easy task. Recent surveys show that employers plan to hire 22 percent fewer college grads than before, and unemployment is the highest it has been in 25 years. College graduates are entering the toughest labor market in over 30 years, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"With everybody else unemployed what makes me stand out, you know?" said Rodriguez. "I really hope that I won't be passed up, but it's a fear. I'm sure it's everybody's fear."

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