Kayak Operators Face Troubled Waters

A plan to cut down on the number of kayakers in the waters off La Jolla Shores is taking on water, with residents and business owners calling the system flawed.

According to a report in the La Jolla Light, the La Jolla Shores Association is asking San Diego city officials to "retract or amend" a concession agreement that was designed to lower weekend congestion associated with kayakers during the peak of the summer tourist season. 

According to the report, time-slot licenses have been distributed among several La Jolla businesses using certain consideration factors in a lottery-like system.  However, LJSA Chairman Jim Heaton called the system flawed and warned it could have lasting negative affects on the La Jolla Shores community and surrounding businesses.

"There is essentially a sense of outrage in the community," he said. "As a result of this action a number of operators have been put out of business, ones that were not in business at the time have been gifted licenses, and there has been a wholesale redistribution of the business from one operator to another."

The city of San Diego's Real Estate Assets Division coordinated the kayak application process and could not be reached for comment by the La Jolla Light.

Kayaking is the fifth largest tourist activity in the county.

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