Kayak Lottery ‘On Hold'

A plan to cut down on the number of kayakers in the waters off La Jolla Shores is on hold, according to a published report.

According to a report in the La Jolla Light, the city notified the La Jolla Shores Association that a new process for determining weekend launch times is on hold.

An e-mail from the mayor's office alerted the Association Monday that the city has "temporarily suspended the lottery process to investigate and address concerns," according to the paper. A response is expected by next Tuesday, Feb. 10.

The changes were designed to lower weekend congestion associated with kayakers during the peak of the summer tourist season. 

Time-slot licenses have been distributed among several La Jolla businesses using certain consideration factors in a lottery-like system, according to the paper.  However, LJSA Chairman Jim Heaton called the system flawed and warned it could have lasting negative effects on the La Jolla Shores community and surrounding businesses.

Read more in this article in the La Jolla Light.

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