iWidgets to Bring CBS Fall Season to a Social Network Near You

iWidgets has now become a Social Syndication Platform thanks to its first major customer, CBS Interactive, one of the world’s top broadcasting companies. iWidgets allows website owners to socially syndicate their content and increase user activity in order to drive traffic and improve brand awareness. Apparently, CBS finds this model attractive enough to give it a shot.

Strange Bedfellows?

At first glance it might appear like an odd partnership but upon further review it makes a good deal of sense for both parties as well as for viewers. Socially syndicating CBS’ popular content via iWidgets will enable audiences to watch full episodes of television programming directly within popular social networks. They will also be able to socially engage viewers with features such as sharing, polls, ratings, and contests.

The Verdict

The launching of CBS Interactive’s programming into social networks using iWidgets’ technology is a major coup, not just for iWidgets but for everyone interested in viewing television on the Web. The successes of YouTube and more recently Hulu have proven that their is a vast audience out there on the net that is interested in experiencing television programming online. The big question will be whether or not iWidgets will be able to handle the incredible bandwidth requirements this endeavor will demand, especially when it comes to High Definition content down the road. Still, the decision to deliver television programming to social networks is an important and exciting step in the evolution of online entertainment.

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