iLovePhotos Tags Faces on Your Computer's Photos

What if your computer could recognize photos the moment you upload them, and start organizing from there? The act of taking photos, uploading them to your computer, sifting through them, and uploading them yet again to an online photo-sharing service or emailing them to friends and family can be a timely task. And while there are emerging tools that allow your computer and digital camera to communicate in a wireless manner for uploading images to your hard drive, the automated process stops there.

iLovePhotos is hoping to extend its automated process to Mac users with its new software, debuting at DEMOfall 08 today. It uses facial recognition and visual tagging to help organize and tag your photos, minimizing the amount of work you have to do. Now you have an automatically filtered photo library, which makes things easier for the photo-sharing process. iLovePhotos is also tied into your Mac Address Book for automated photo-sharing feeds, so you can set up your iLovePhotos account to automatically send someone (or yourself) specially-tagged photos every time they’re uploaded.

iLovePhotos also has personalized slide shows that are created based on the frequency of a person appearing in your photos. These slide shows can be embedded online, viewed on the iPhone, iPod or AppleTV. iLovePhotos’ Web-based component also acts as an easy way for sharing photos, and I’m sure there will be several integrated ways in which this service will enable automated photo-sharing capabilities beyond its own service. For the time being, however, a handful of third party services like pikchur can offer a round-about way of tying in with iLovePhotos, by taking the images you’ve automatically had sent to pikchur and redistributing them across the Web from there.

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