San Diego Gets Crafty With Helpful Website for Breweries

An interactive map stating the opening status of local breweries is available for customers while business owners can get more information on programs that help breweries during the pandemic

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It’s National Beer Day on Wednesday and what better way can one of the country’s most beloved craft beer hot spots celebrate than by helping local business owners in the field?

In honor of the unofficial holiday, San Diego launched a new website full of resources and information to help its breweries. The Business is Brewing website aims to support breweries by showcasing more than 100 beer-related establishments in the city and provide insight for business owners.

“San Diego remains one of the country’s top five craft beer cities, and we want to make sure this important industry remains informed, supported and resilient as it continues to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Christina Bibler, Director of the city’s Economic Development Department, said in a statement.

Managed by the city’s Economic Development Department, the website has information on programs that help keep breweries, tasting rooms and pubs open during the pandemic. Additionally, it promotes benefits of being a beer manufacturer in San Diego.

“This interactive website is an innovative one-stop shop for beer manufacturers and beer enthusiasts, both locally and nationally, showcasing the spirit to brew and buy local during these challenging economic times,” Bibler’s statement continued.

Visitors can take a look at the site’s interactive map that features information on local breweries, pubs and tasting stores and see the operating status of them.

Business owners can take a look at an economic report on San Diego’s $1.2 billion regional beer cluster. They can also check out information on programs that offer economic relief and information on how to launch or expand a brewery.

To take a look at the Business is Brewing website, click here.

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