How to Lower Your Electric Bill to $5 Bucks — Honest!

Get the true lowdown on solar for homeowners

Do you know how to read your electricity bill? Most people don't, said John Supp, program manager of California Solar Initiative in San Diego.  That's the first step to understanding solar power in the home and drastically lowering your utility bill. 

Workshops on solar energy for homeowners are so popular that Supp wishes they had more space to hold them. "Solar for Homeowners" is a free workshop being offered this Thursday and every last Thursday of the month at the California Center for Sustainable Energy in Kearny Mesa.

The workshop teaches people to read their electricity bill and estimate the photovoltaics (PV) also known as solar electricity needed to cut down drastically on your utility expenses.

Whether you have a tiny cottage or a mansion, customers could cut their electricity payments to $5 a month, Supp said.

It may cost a small homeowner $12,000 to install solar panels on their roof, but if they pay hundreds of dollars a month on their electricity bill, the system will soon pay for itself adds Supp.

For more information on solar for your home and the solar for homeowners workshops click on: California Center for Sustainable Energy.

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