Holiday Gifts to Give the Laid-Off Worker

What to give the person who lost or is trying to keep their jobs during tough times

 If you're scratching your head trying to figure out what to give the person who has recently lost their job or is desperately trying to keep the one they have, here are some suggestions to help them move forward during these tough economic times. If you are going to spend money, make it a gift that has value and that the person can really use according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. 

 You can't deal with a life crisis if you're all stressed out. So why not give a gift certificate for a spa treatment. Or why not give the gift of inspiration according to AJC writer Laura Raines. "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" or "Choose Your LIfe" are among the motivational books that give advice about the changing marketplace.

For the fast-paced business traveler trying to stay competitive, there is a security Fast Pass briefcase, called the Victorinox/Swiss Army Trevi which allows you to leave your laptop in the case during X-ray screenings or an alam clock that syncronizes the time anywhere in the world for the international traveler.

In order to find that new job, new skills might be required. A gift certificate for a continuuing education course or a professional workshop, seminar or brush-up courses are available in a wide range of prices at your local colleges and universities. UC San Diego Extension offers “A Gift of Learning” certificate. It can be obtained in any amount by calling 858-534-3400.  The person receiving the gift certificate can visit the UC Extension website to choose from more than 3,200 university-level courses offered throughout the year in art, business, digital arts, education, engineering, foreign languages, healthcare, writing, information technologies, law, leadership, life sciences and social responsibility according to Henry DeVries, director of communications for UC San Diego Extension. Also, the first 500 San Diegans who are on unemployment and who apply online may enroll at no charge in up to three career and life stage seminars at UC San Diego Extension on a space available basis. Seminars are priced from $45 to $75 apiece. 

And remember to put the fun in the holidays for those who can't afford it. You can buy tickets to a sports event, or a concert, the movies, a museum exhibit.

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