Fighting Junk Mail One Letter at a Time

Piles of catalogs and credit card offers can really add up -- find out how you can stop the junk mail from piling up. . 

There is a solution to the problem, though.

"You can actually contact the companies and ask them to take your name off their list," said Steve Baloglu with

The online company Proquo charges people $17.95 to help them get rid of their junk mail.

"Choose what mail you want, which mail you don't want and takes the action for you to actually get your name off those lists," Baloglu said, adding that his company can can cut down junk mail by 90 percent.

You can use some of the same methods as the San Diego-based company does without cost. 

"We're using procedures that consumers can do on their own," Baloglu said. "We do the work for the consumer, which we think it a pretty valuable service."

Federal regulations and industry standards makes it possible for people to cut back on their junk mail. The Mail Preference Service allows people to cut down on catalogs and other mail advertising sent to you by the members of the Direct Marketing Association.

Consumers can also call a toll-free number to cut back on pre-approved credit card offers. The credit reporting agencies will stop selling your name to credit card companies. which will cut back on the offers.

Helpful Information:

888-5OPTOUT (phone number to call to cut down on preapproved credit card offers)

Mail Preference Service
     c/o Direct Marketing Association
     PO BOX 9008
     Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008

(The Mail Preference Service division of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) compiles a list of people who do not want junk mail. This list is provided to any company who requests it, usually magazines. Write to Mail Preference Service and request that your name, address and phone number be deleted from all mailing and marketing lists.)

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