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What Twitter Can Do For Your Business

A one-day seminar offers help for the social media-challenged



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    A one-day seminar offers hope to those who are Twitter-challenged.

    Think back to when you started your MySpace page. Ah, memories.

    For those executives who aren’t using social media tools themselves, there is hope and help out there.

    A one-day seminar scheduled in San Diego for Saturday, April 11 will start with blogging, cover the importance of LinkedIn and end with that enigma wrapped up in a mystery everyone is talking about – Twitter.

    “Using Social Media to Increase Your Success as a Business Owner, Student, or Professional Now or In the Future” is designed for those small business owners who are unsure how to utilize social media tools themselves, or how to strategize social media for corporate success, according to Collar Free, Inc. one of the sponsors of the workshops.

    The cost for the one-day seminar is $149 for professionals, $99 for students.

    Register for the event online. It runs 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 11 at San Diego State University.