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Man Sues Bank of America for $1.7 Billion Trillion

Demands an extra $200,164,000 for "miscellaneous fees"



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    One can only imagine Dalton Chiscolm brought his pinkie finger to his mouth when he said he was suing Bank of America for "1,784 billion, trillion dollars."The statement might have been followed by evil laughter.

    Infuriated with Bank of America’s customer service, Dalton Chiscolm decided to do what every other red-blooded American in his situation would do: He sued them.

    How much did he sue them for?

    Try $1,784 billion trillion, according to Reuters. That’s the number 1,784 followed by 18 zeros. It’s also more money than the world’s 2008 gross domestic product, which was comprised of a measly $60 trillion (that’s six followed by 13 zeroes). To top it off, he also wants an additional $200,164,000 for "miscellaneous fees."

    Chiscolm decided he was entitled to the money after he received inconsistent information regarding his bank accounts from “a Spanish woman” during numerous calls to Bank of America’s headquarters in New York City.

    District Judge Denny Chin gave his two cents in a written order released Sept. 24.

    “The claim is incomprehensible,” he wrote.

    Chin previously had the honor of sentencing Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff to 150 years in prison.

    Chin gave Chiscolm until Oct. 23 to explain why his case shouldn’t be dismissed.