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Hyatt Sinks Fishing Captains Livelihood



    Hyatt Sinks Fishing Captains Livelihood
    Rachel Bianco
    Five fisherman will be out of work and forced to dock their boats.

    Five sport fishing captains and their manager are losing their jobs. 

    They were sent notices from the management at the Mission Bay Hyatt notifying them their services are no longer needed. They need to have their boats out of the water by Nov. 15th.
    The Hyatt leases the dock from the city. A spokesperson from the hotel said this is a business decision and the company is reevaluating its use for the property.
    Ernie Prieto said he moved his family to San Diego from L.A to work at the dock in Mission Bay.

    "It's just another giant business helping to dislodge small business," said Prieto.  "In the writing of a one paragraph letter they have essentially dislodged five small locally owned businesses who put money right back into this economy. This is some big corporation based somewhere else taking away jobs in our city."

    A spokeswoman for the Hyatt said the decision is based on business and the current economic climate. She says they are reevaluating their use for the landing.

    The captains said they plan to appeal to the city council for help.