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Fair Seems Recession Proof



    Fair Seems Recession Proof
    (Photo courtesy of Giorgio Daveed )

    The first weekend of the San Diego County Fair is in the books and despite the tough economy it's being called a success.

    “Yeah it's really surprising and people have lost their jobs. I guess people are finding a way to get to the fair," Marlene Kunze said.

    Compared to the first Saturday of 2008, attendance this Saturday was up 10 percent.

    " I think as the momentum goes it's going to get bigger and bigger and bigger as we get towards the end of the fair," San Diego County Fair spokesperson Linda Zweig said.

    Fair First Weekend

    [DGO] Fair First Weekend
    Despite tough economy, the fair is being called a success
    (Published Monday, June 15, 2009)

    Some think the reason for so much optimism inside the gates is due to the recession outside with San Diegans staying closer to home this summer.

    "I think a lot of people, that perhaps aren't going to be able to take long vacations, are coming to the fair because it's comfortable, they've known it, it's been here for years," Reno's Fish and Chips spokesperson Catherine McKnight said.

    From fish tacos to barbecue to corn on the cob -- the food is proven and the prices are reasonable.

    "Just watching what I'm buying, not overdoing it here, but just coming for the experience for the kids," Karen Paulino said.

    While vendors aren't expecting to break any records this summer they are at least hoping to break even.  After three days of business they say so far so good.

    "Because it's so much fun and it's all about the kids and we'd rather cut down in other ways that don't effect the kids," Courtney Etherege said.

    The fair runs until July 5.