Troops in Iraq Allowed to Drink Beer During Super Bowl - NBC 7 San Diego

Troops in Iraq Allowed to Drink Beer During Super Bowl

What is the big game without a cold one?



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    Soldiers in Iraq have played some football, but watching the Super Bowl without a beer is just wrong.

    Troops serving in combat zones in Iraq cannot drink beer, it is punishable by court marshal.

    But an exception is being made during the Super Bowl. Gen. Raymond Odierno, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, issued a waiver Wednesday that will be sure to be a moral boost to the troops who annually gather together in dining halls on military bases to watch the game.

    It’s going to be a late-night beer — the kick-off for the Feb. 1 Super Bowl is at 2 a.m. (Feb. 2) in Baghdad. And troops will be limited to two beers each under the waiver, which is fewer than most American men will down while making the chili they’ll eat during the game.

    Still, if you’ve been without a beer for a year or so, two of them might seem like a little bit of heaven. Or home.

    And that’s something very well deserved for these men and women.