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Suspect N. Korea Ship Reverses Course

U.S. navy continues to monitor the Kang Nam



    Suspect N. Korea Ship Reverses Course
    The international community doesn't know where the Kang Nam is heading.

    The notorious North Korean cargo ship suspected of carrying illegal weapons to Myanmar has made a U-ey and is heading the other way.

    The ship, which left a North Korean port over a week ago, remained on a steady south/southwest path until Sunday morning, when officials said it unexpectedly reversed course, according to The Associated Press.

    Now, as the Kang Nam heads north, officials are even less certain about the contents of the ship and its intended destination.

    North Korea is not permitted to export weapons or weapon materials under U.N. sanctions imposed following defiant rocket testing earlier this year.

    The communist nation has indicated it would consider any interception of the ship an act of war, and has accused the United States of attempting to incite another Korean War.