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"Pink Undies" Soldier Heads Home to DFW

Famous soldier heads home for Fourth of July



    "Pink Undies" Soldier Heads Home to DFW
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    Specialist Zachary Boyd, from the US Army First Battalion, 26th Infantry, is headed home to Fort Worth for a little R&R before returning to active duty at Fort Hood.

    Pvt. Zachary Boyd, known the world over as the soldier who fought the Taliban in pink boxers, is headed home to North Texas this weekend.

    The infamous photo, which appeared first in the New York Times, was taken when Boyd's company was caught in an early-morning firefight in Afghanistan. Boyd jumped out of bed and joined the fight in what he had on -- a red T-shirt and pink boxers.

    When Boyd found out about the photo, and that it was running nationwide, he was worried about getting into trouble for being out of uniform.

    "I was like, 'Oh great,' you know? 'The president is going to see it, I'm definitely busted now,'" said Boyd.

    But Boyd wasn't in trouble and he even received praise from Sec. of Defense Robert Gates.

    "Any soldier who goes into battle against the Taliban in pink boxers and flip-flops has a special kind of courage," joked Gates.

    Tuesday morning, nearly two months after the photo surfaced, Boyd and the rest of Viper Company were featured in a story done by NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel (video embedded below).

    "When I was watching it [the Today Show story], I was just gritting because you could just feel how dangerous it was," said Boyd's mother, Sheree, of Engel's story. "I started crying, cause it's such a relief ... because he had called during the night [overnight Tuesday] and I knew he was out of danger."

    Boyd is expected to arrive at Fort Hood Thursday or Friday.  He has a four-day pass to be home in DFW for the 4th of July and his mother fully expects to see him running around the house in an outfit similar to the one for which has become famous.

    "The child has always worn multiple layers of boxers. He's just always run around like that ... had wild looking boxers and everything," Sheree said. "How can I keep him from it?  He's 20 now.  I just ask that he wears at least two pair."

    While in town, it's possible that Boyd may also visit the custard shop name is reportedly on the front of the red T-shirt he was wearing in the photograph.

    "I'd love to get the original shirt and hang it up.  I'd be glad to give him one of every color to trade out," said John Woolley, owner of Woolley's Frozen Custard.

    After his four-day pass, Boyd is returning to active duty at Fort Hood where he hopes to become a helicopter pilot.

    Take an inside look at Boyd and Viper Company with NBC's Richard Engel in the video below.


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