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Lucky Tie? Or Just Fashionable?



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    Left, Monday announcing cabinet; Right, election night. The ties have the same pattern, but may be a shade off. Superstition or intelligent design?

    Monday was a big day for President-elect Barack Obama, with a major TV appearance scheduled to introduce his six-member national security team, including one of the biggest political rivals of his career.

    So when he dressed in the morning, he put on a special tie.

    The red and silver striped necktie Obama wore at his news conference in Chicago on Monday looked conspicuously like the one he wore on the night he won election as the first black president of the United States.

    It would seem that particular piece of clothing might qualify for the Smithsonian some day, and so would get the wedding dress treatment — you know, stored away and preserved, tucked into a display case, stashed in Obama’s box of memorabilia, which is probably a little crowded by now.

    Then again, maybe the president-elect is thinking practically in these tough economic times, and thought such an auspicious tie deserved an instant replay.

    Whatever the logic, best guess is that the tie comes from Hart Schaffner Marx, where Obama has had some suits made.

    Alternately, Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s blue tie at Monday’s news conference looked quite similar to the one he wore on the day in late August that Obama announced him as his running mate.

    Coincidence or good luck charm?