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Inscrutable Palin's Mysterious Plans for Federal Money

Will she take it or won't she?



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    Governor Palin must decide between free hot federal dollars and a crack at the presidency in 2012. Or can she have it both ways?

    Our nation's favorite ex-vice presidential candidate recently made it clear she was thinking about a re-run at the top of the ticket in 2012 by murmuring something about turning down federal stimulus funds. (This is what all the prospective Republican presidential candidates have to do in order to look like fiscally conservative mavericks.)

    At first it appeared Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would refuse to accept about $288 million of federal money, including $172 million to fund education, because who needs such things as educations, in Alaska? Palin said she didn't want to hire teachers only to have to lay them off later, plus there were always strings attached to federal money. (No-strings-attached money only goes to borderline-insolvent financial institutions these days. States get plenty of strings along with their dollars.)

    But now state legislators seem to be saying that she's not rejecting the money outright -- just calling for the sort of reasoned, serious, policy-based discussion that characterized her 2008 campaign.

    Therriault, leader of the Senate Republican Minority, defended Palin's action, saying she didn't reject any money but simply announced what she would accept and gave the Legislature the opportunity to act on its own.

    The Legislature can seek any stimulus funds Palin rejects, but the governor still has veto power.

    Palin aides have said the governor is not "rejecting" any money.

    Well, hmm, that clears it up, sort of! Basically, this proposed injection of federal stimulus money gives Sarah Palin the opportunity to do two things she loves: talk a lot of trash about the awful federal government and its terrible spendthrift ways, and then quietly accept the enormous federal subsidies she just finished denouncing.

    Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette. She went to Alaska once.