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    Organic agriculture may be polluting food with heavy metals.

    You don't have to actually be smart to impress people -- you just have to fake it. Here's a daily list of must-read articles that will impress your co-workers, wow your friends and make you seem smart....

    • Organic agriculture may be actually be polluting foods. Synthetic pesticides leave behind arsenic, lead and other heavy metals -- but it appears conventional farming methods do so as well.
    • A market economy means that companies should be allowed to fail. So why is the U.S. bailing out so many corporations? Some experts say that the government ought to be more discriminating in deciding whether to toss out a lifeline.
    • Is the diesel-fueled school bus going the way of the dinosaur? Perhaps. Bus routes are the first to go as school districts look to cut costs amid rising costs.
    • One microscopic animal can withstand conditions that would make human saliva boil. The tiny critter known as the water bear can survive in the vacuum and radiation in space for at least 10 days.
    • Salvia is the most potent hallucinogenic herb in the world and it is legal in many U.S. states -- for now.  Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
    • Google is creating an online digital newspaper archive. The company is shouldering the cost of scanning the articles for the searchable database that will be available through Google News and eventually on each newspaper's website.