What to Know Before You Sign Up for That Free Trial

It’s easy to accept a free trial offer on a whim, but it could cost you if you forget about it or want to cancel.

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It may be hard to resist a free trial offer, but you should pause before hitting that accept button.

Those free trials have a legitimate purpose that could benefit both the seller and the buyer. Get a product or service for free and if you don’t like it - cancel and everyone’s good. But some of those offers could be pretty sneaky if you don’t know what to look out for.

First off, the Better Business Bureau says you should keep an eye on pre-checked boxes; the ones that show up when you’re accepting the offer and many times people don’t pay much attention to them.

"I know sometimes it can be tedious but that’s where you’re going to get all the information that you need in order to cancel on time if you want to, gives you the time frame to cancel so that you’re not charged for the next month," Jasmine Hill with the Better Business Bureau said.

The next step is to add it to your calendar. Many people will forget about the trial and only remember about it when they see they’ve made a full payment. Finally, review your credit card and bank statements to make sure you’re paying what you agreed to pay. Also, do not forget to research the company online and protect your personal information. 

Another thing you should know before agreeing to a free trial is exactly how to go about canceling. You may have noticed how it seems to be way easier to sign up for something than it is to cancel the service.

"That’s exactly what happens, you want to be safe than sorry especially if it is something that’s going to be a recurring subscription," Hill said.

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