San Diego Taxpayers — Don't Let Scammers Steal Your Refund

San Diego tax filers are being given extra time to file this year, but you shouldn’t delay if you can avoid it

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What to Know

  • San Diego County residents will have until Oct. 16 to file their federal tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service announced Friday
  • California state taxes are due May 15 this year
  • Both extensions are due to extreme winter storms

San Diego County taxpayers are getting a little more time to file their taxes this year, but that doesn’t mean you should put them off without good reason. The earlier you file, the less likely a thief will file using your information, and steal your refund.

Scammers who don’t already have access to your personal info will be looking for ways to get it.

“We see a lot of messages, text messages, email messages, or even messages on social media that request two things,” Octavio Saenz with the IRS said. “First, confirmation of information, or two, additional information. Or even three, they ask that you pay something because you owe something.”

So how can you tell if the person on the other side of the call or message is an imposter?

“The first thing that the IRS does when they need to talk to a taxpayer is first they send them a letter, not a message on your phone — a letter,” said Saenz.

If you get an unsolicited message, take a pause. Analyze the situation before clicking on the link. It could be a virus that exposes your personal info.

“All of that information is very useful to these people. It’s something that they value and it’s something that becomes a headache to individuals who are victims of identity theft,” Saenz told NBC 7.

When choosing someone to help you file your taxes, make sure they’re legit.

“When you go to a tax preparer, make sure … these individuals are not phantom or the ghost preparers,” said Saenz.
The IRS has a directory of tax preparers you can search.

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