From an unmountable TV to a suspended Ebay account, here are ways NBC 7 Responds looks out for you

It can be so frustrating when you hit a wall with a company you feel should be responding better to a complaint you sent them

NBC Universal, Inc.

NBC 7 Responds has two cases that show a bit of the variety of consumer complaints we’re ready to take on for our viewers. We’ll start off with a TV: You know, that glorious big screen that just takes sports and movies to the next level. 

Well Joyce from Chula Vista contacted NBC 7 Responds back in June. She ordered a 75-inch TV from Best Buy. 

However, when it arrived she said the installer was not able to mount it on the master bedroom wall like they wanted because of possible damage to the shower and tile on the other side of the wall. 

Joyce says she didn’t want the TV anymore which never made it off of the truck. She says she was refunded for the installation but never for the TV despite numerous calls and a couple of hours visiting the store where the TV was supposed to have been returned. 

She contacted us and after we reached out to the company, she was refunded the $636.73 she paid for the TV. Best Buy responded quickly when we reached out and resolved the issue within a couple of weeks. We asked for a statement but didn’t get one. 

Also, Steven from El Cajon reached out to us after his Ebay account was suspended and he couldn’t get the $684 he had in there. We contacted Ebay and the company sent a letter to Steven confirming they received our message. In the letter, the company said his account was suspended because of suspicious activity. Steven says Ebay told him he had communicated with another account under investigation for possible scam activity. 

Ebay did get him his money though and the company never returned any of our messages. 

We understand companies have to be mindful of their customer’s right to privacy, so we appreciate it when they take a second look once we get involved. We’ll never guarantee a favorable result, but we'll make sure to put in the work. 

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