Yummy: Julian Apple Pie Contest

Is your autumn-perfect pastry the very best?

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FIRST THINGS FIRST: If you're going to tell friends and co-workers and apple-obsessed neighbors that you intend to enter an apple pie contest this fall, best tell them the full name of the competition in question. It's the Julian Old Fashioned Country Fair Apple Pie Contest, and producing a pastry that encapsulates all the hallowed history and nostalgic sweetness that the contest name suggests will be quite the tall order. But you can bet that bakers throughout the region will be up to the tasty task, for winning top honors for an apple-based dessert in Julian, one of the famed apple-growing capitals in California and beyond, is quite the huge deal. So best begin combing through cookbooks, and asking your pals for tips, and trying out your zingiest ideas, for the contest date is on...

SEPT. 21, 2018: The Julian's Woman's Club is the appetizing epicenter for the 11th annual contest, a contest that 100% puts the emphasis on homemade treats. Can you include other fruits besides apples in your pie? You may, but, of course, apples must be present in your pie. How many entries can each family have? That would be one, so be choosy about which pie you're going to present as your very best. There are other to-knows to peruse, so get perusing, then get baking, for Sept. 21, which happens to be the very last day of summer for 2018, is on approach. Will you gain ultimate Julian braggership, should your apple creation be deemed top-notch? Truly, there are few food-based victories to match such a sweet honor.

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